Why Donate

The Pennsylvania State Police, Troop F, Milton, Selinsgrove and Stonington along with other Law Enforcement agencies will be hosting a Camp Cadet program for 2024. Camp Cadet is a one-week (non-profit) summer youth camp for boys and girls ages 12 – 15 who reside in the local area. Some of the topics discussed at this camp include alcohol and tobacco avoidance, self-esteem, discipline, teamwork, and violence prevention.

The Susquehanna Valley Law Enforcement Camp Cadet program is conducted and staffed solely by Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement Officers. Many hours of hard, tedious work are spent so that the youths of Northumberland, Union, Snyder and Montour counties are afforded the opportunity to attend this worthwhile camp.

The Camp is funded strictly by generous donations from industry and private citizens throughout these counties. Without these wonderful people, this Camp simply could not operate. Your contribution will directly affect the success of our program and the many benefits that will be enjoyed by the attending cadets. Your donation can be sent to the following address. Please remember that your contributions are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. Our Tax I.D.# is 31428. The Children, Staff and Board of Directors of Susquehanna Valley Law Enforcement Camp Cadet thank you for your support and generosity.