Q:  How does my son/daughter/ect apply to attend Camp Cadet?

A:  As long as that child resides in Union/Montour/Snyder/Northumberland Counties print out an application and have that son/daughter send application to address marked on the application.  You can also contact Tpr. Richard L. Blair at Penna. State Police, Milton at 570-524-2662.


Q:  How are Cadets selected to attend Camp?

A:  Once the application period is closed then the Cadets are selected by The Board of Directors.


Q:  How much is the cost of Camp Cadet?

A:  Camp Cadet  is free to attend other than a $35.00 processing fee.  The Camp cost the non-profit organization approx. $30,000.00 per year.


Q:  Can I contact my child during the week?

A:  The Camp is a residential Camp with no visitation or phone calls during the week.  


Q:  Who monitors my child during the week?

A:  The Camp is broken down into four platoons, three male and one female.  Each platoon is monitored by two adults.  There is no fraternization between the male and female platoons other than normal day to day activities.