Board of Directors

The Susquehanna Valley Law Enforcement Camp Cadet Board of Directors is made up of various volunteers in the local community.  These volunteers give up there time to provide a worthwhile camp to our youth.

Tpr. Richard L. Blair, President

Penna. State Police

Tpr. Norm Fedder, Vice President  

Penna. State Police Retired

Marcy Benner, Secretary

State Employee

Position Vacant, Civilian, Treasurer

Board Members

Carey Latsha, Penna State Police Retired

Chief Paul Youst, Chief of Police Lewisburg

Chief Craig Lutcher, Chief of Police Milton

Pete Johnson, Union County District Attorney

Dr. Michael Brown, Lewisburg Physician

Tpr. Kevin Warren, Penna. State Police

Tpr. Matthew Burrows, Penna. State Police Retired

Brian Kerstetter, Attorney at Law